20 de junio de 2011

Pedestrians in the UK

In any new country, the roads can be dangerous for pedestrians … so …
Even for those not driving it is important to be aware that traffic may be approaching from unexpected directions.

Although, apart from motorways, it’s not illegal to cross the road at any point it is advisable to use crossings, some of them controlled by traffic lights, whenever you can.You may cross the road when the green man is showing but, if the light is flashing, don’t start to cross.

There are crossing points known as Zebra crossings which have black and white road markings and orange flashing beacons at each side of the road. Drivers should give way to pedestrians on the crossing, but you should be careful as there are no red traffic lights instructing drivers to stop.

Don’t forget, pedestrians are not allowed to walk along or cross any motorway at any time.